How To Buy Fresh Coffee Beans

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  1. In Germany I asked for coffee in a shop by miming it . She spoke no English and I no German. I realized she was making a very strong brew, and I thought I’d need lots of sugar. To my surprise, it was strong, but not at all bitter, which is always the case whether we buy beans and grind or get a ready made cup. I looked up why, and the internet says the Europeans demand fresh beans, and wouldn’t tolerate what the US accepts. Have you heard this? I hope there aren’t typos but this screen shows my typing in pale beige.

  2. Yes, you’re spot on – in Europe, there’s a strong preference for the freshest beans possible, which can lead to a less bitter, more flavorful cup, even when it’s strong.

    In the U.S., you’ve got a mixed bag of coffee practices, but there’s a growing trend towards valuing fresh, quality beans, similar to what you’ve experienced in Germany. It’s all about how freshly the beans are roasted and brewed.

    A good brew, made from beans roasted not too long ago, doesn’t need to hide behind a mountain of sugar.

    Thanks for sharing your story – it’s a lovely reminder of how a simple cup of coffee can be full of surprises and learning moments. And no worries about the typos; your story came through loud and clear.

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